Schönheitschirurg, Prof. Dr. Dr. med. habil. Werner L. Mang

The 10 Mang Commandments

Prof. Mang's Commandments for safe and qualitative Cosmetic Surgeries
  • Operations should not cause harm. Nothing unavoidable should go wrong. Only by the implementation of highly-trained personnel and with the most modern surgical techniques can the risks be minimized and/or completely excluded.
  • Quality assurance from an operating surgeon can only be assured by specialist training and regular further training.
  • Be warned against over exaggerated expectations. "Not everything is possible"
  • Serious pre-operative consultation and explanation and attentive aftercare.
  • Aesthetic surgery is a surgery for well-being and not for change
  • A natural, fresh and attractive appearance is the order of the day and not mask-like faces.
  • Health comes before beauty
  • Undertake aesthetic surgery with caution: beware of poorly-trained surgeons, but also emotionally disturbed patients.
  • Aesthetic surgeons are also bound by Hippocrates’ Oath
  • Collegial relations and cooperation with other aesthetic surgeons and physicians<