Nasenchirurgie, Nasenkorrekturen, Frau, Nase

Nasal Surgery

Aesthetic Rhinoplasty by Specialists


Nasal correction can be carried out on patients as of 14 years of age and on any shape of nose (crooked nose, nose with dorsal hump, long nose, “saddle“ nose).

The operation lasts approx. 45 minutes. The ideal nose has a straight dorsal bone from bridge to tip that tilts slightly upward; the angle between upper lip and nose has 110 degrees(“Mang Nose“). Nasal surgery numbers among the most complicated cosmetic operations and requires a skilled and highly-experienced surgeon.


The operation is carried out through the nostrils, thus precluding visible scars from remaining. By the use of the Mang-tumescent-technique no notable bruising and swelling occurs. Profile plastic surgery achieves an harmonious blending of facial features with nose and chin correction. In this operation the cartilage and bone removed from a dorsal hump is re-implanted and modelled into the chin through a small incision. On the day before surgery, using photographs, the whole procedure will be carefully discussed once again with the patient.

Post-operative care:

As a result of its long-standing experience in the field of rhinolasty, the Bodenseeklinik has developed a highly successful concept for the post-operative care of nasal surgery. As a rule the patient does not experience pain and remains hospitalized for four days. During this time, on the first day after the operation the tampons are removed and the nose carefully attended to.

After the prescribed period of hospitalization, if the the patient does not live in the vicinity of Lindau, he or she remains a further four days as a hotel guest in the clinic. After eight days the plaster splint is changed, the stitches removed and the treatment concluded so that the patient may return home breathing freely and without complaints and swellings. In some rare cases swelling can also remain for several weeks. After a further eight days the patient can remove his or her own dressings at home. Thereafter one can return to work but for a further four weeks Leukosilk surgical tape should be applied to the nose at night. Sporting activities should be avoided for three months after surgery, as should the sauna, sunbathing and solarium tanning.

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